Yearly Highlights & Plans


1.      Snow Shoe Trails established.

2.      Web Site created.

3.      Trail signs updated and new signs installed.

4.      Sno-cat rewired and other repairs.

5.      Logan Lake Community Forest Corporation Grant enabled the employment of “Super Key Kids” to grub out snow shoe trails & remove encroaching growth on 20 Km of Trails.

6.      Negotiated new 10 year Lease with Recreation Sites and Trails BC and registered the trail system for “All Season” non-motorized use.


            To keep our trails & equipment operational requires 200 to 600 man hours per year.  We need your help, so we can spread out the volunteer hours fairly.  Note:  Our new lease requires us to register all volunteers and work done.  Call Duane @ (250)523-9330 to register. 

Here are some suggestions:

1.      Clean and paint interior of (5) outhouses.

2.      Mechanics Assistance – equipment maintenance.

3.      Volunteer on at least 2 work parties:

·        Replace log bridge with culvert.

·        Fallen tree removal (Firewood)

·        Clear trails of rocks & debris.

·        Grub back encroaching growth.

·        Additional Groomer Driver or Assistant as go in pairs.



1.      New K9 Ski & Snow Shoe Trails.

2.      Build log “rest” benches.

3.      Build fixed “Fire Sites”.

4.      Applying for LLCF Grant for “Super Key Kids” & Hardy Equipment to work on trail system.

5.      Applying for Grants to replace Sno-Cat Groomer.

6.      Two new entry gates for foot traffic.