Yearly Highlights & Plans

We are always looking for keen volunteers to come help us maintain and upkeep our trail system! If you are interested, please contact us at 

2020 Plans 

  1. Mountain Bike trail expansion
  2. Install our own signage, entry point, log-in, and fee box at the new parking lot across from the Campground
  3. Salvage logs for future compound buildings
  4. Continue discussions and preparation for fire abatement treatment – with Logan Lake Community Forest.
    1. Possible trail closure from August -December (more info to come)
  5. Transmission repairs on the Snow Cat
  6. Regular 50 hour service on the Kubota
  7. Install weeping tile on Outer Limits mud hole
  8. Complete #4 Emergency Shelter
  9. Work on the Jack Lake Corner “Safety” log cabin
  10. Buy & Install tarps to roof canvas garage
  11. Develop new compound garage layout for equipment storage & maintenance

2019 Highlights 

  1. May 2019 – Hosted Nite Trek for the Girl Guides & Scouts Canada
  2. September 2019 – Hosted the first ever Mountain Bike Race in Logan Lake
  3. October 2019 – Forestry approved the expansion of our mountain bike trails
  4. We created a reciprocal agreement with Overlander Ski Club for winter membership discounts.
  5. Replaced the signs with new ones & GPS information. Primarily updated the mountain bike trail information.
  6. Installed map signs on the mountain bike trails
  7. Installed weeping tile pipes on Upper Rudi’s Loop mud hole
  8. Placed wood chips and gravel, as available, on the worst of the mud holes
  9. Fallen trees removed off of many of the trail circuits
  10. Cleared the trails of debris
  11. Moved the brush and grass as possible
  12. Replaced a broken blade hub on the lawn mower
  13. Did routine service on the Snow Cat & replaced a broken track


  1. New K9 Ski & Snow Shoe Trails.
  2. Build log “rest” benches.
  3. Build fixed “Fire Sites”.
  4. Applying for LLCF Grant for “Super Key Kids” & Hardy Equipment to work on trail system.
  5. Applying for Grants to replace Sno-Cat Groomer.
  6. Two new entry gates for foot traffic.


1.      Snow Shoe Trails established.

2.      Web Site created.

3.      Trail signs updated and new signs installed.

4.      Sno-cat rewired and other repairs.

5.      Logan Lake Community Forest Corporation Grant enabled the employment of “Super Key Kids” to grub out snow shoe trails & remove encroaching growth on 20 Km of Trails.

6.      Negotiated new 10 year Lease with Recreation Sites and Trails BC and registered the trail system for “All Season” non-motorized use.


            To keep our trails & equipment operational requires 200 to 600 man hours per year.  We need your help, so we can spread out the volunteer hours fairly.  Note:  Our new lease requires us to register all volunteers and work done.  Call Duane @ (250)523-9330 to register. 

Here are some suggestions:

1.      Clean and paint interior of (5) outhouses.

2.      Mechanics Assistance – equipment maintenance.

3.      Volunteer on at least 2 work parties:

·        Replace log bridge with culvert.

·        Fallen tree removal (Firewood)

·        Clear trails of rocks & debris.

·        Grub back encroaching growth.

·        Additional Groomer Driver or Assistant as go in pairs.